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The Premier Eye Massager

Smart eye care for tired eyes

Feel a little stressed and need a little relaxation?

Finally an eye care device that provides a spa sensation in the comfort of your own home.

Designed to combat eye strain, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches, the patented eye massager relaxes your mind and helps you sleep better. 

With different modes and settings the eye massager is designed to relax the muscles around the eyes and improve blood circulation.

With regular use, this machine may also help reduce puffy, tired eyes and dark circles.

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The eye massage mask massages the eye sockets, muscles, and pressure points around the eyes. This massage tools are designed to block out light so users can relax and rest their eyes. … Using kneading or rolling compression, along with heat, the device can simulate blood flow and reduce eye fatigue.


Relief of eye strain.

Reduced eye puffiness and dark circles as a result of heat and compression which can stimulate blood flow. An eye massage device may include speakers that play soft, relaxing sounds or music.

In this case, levels can also be changed using the remote control. Most eye massage devices run on battery power or can be plugged into a wall outlet. Some models plug into and are powered by a computer through a universal series bus (USB) connection

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Portable Home Eye Massaging Machine

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The Benefits of an Eye Messager

Your eyes are at work from the moment you wake up to the moment you close them to go to sleep. They take in tons of information about the world around you — shapes, colors, movements, and more. Then they send the information to your brain for processing so the brain knows what’s going on outside of your body.

You can see that the eye’s pretty amazing. So, you really should take better care of them.


For most people, a soothing massage after a tiring day at work is the best way to wind down. Massage therapy helps relax knotted muscles, eliminate chronic aches and pains, and improve circulation. It could also help release muscle tension and improve the mobility of the joints.

For times when you’re in bad shape, and you need a massage, you can always turn to massage devices to help you relax.

Massage devices come in various forms. Some are made to target the shoulders or the lower back while others are designed specifically for the feet or arms and even the eyes!

Whatever areas of the body you want to give a good rub down, there’s a massage device that will help loosen and release tension from the body. An eye massager is an electronic device that may help alleviate headache pain without the use of over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.


Typically, the eye massager is shaped like an eye mask with a remote control attached to it. The mask massages the eye sockets, temples, muscles, and pressure points around the eyes. These massage devices are designed to block out light so users can relax and rest their eyes.

Based on acupressure techniques, massaging the eye area can increase oxygen to the eyes and brain. Using kneading or rolling compression, along with heat, the device can simulate blood flow and reduce eye fatigue.

An eye massage uses gentle compression to reduce stress in the eye sockets and temples. Airbags gently inflate and deflate against sore areas to help reduce pain and tension. Muscles around the eye sockets are also relaxed with heat and compression to alleviate soreness.

People who use computers daily or read for long periods of time may benefit from using an eye massager. It generally uses a combination of vibration, heat, and compression to relieve tension in and around the eye area.

The user can usually determine the length and intensity of the massage by using the remote control.